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Thursday, February 14, 2008

So much going on, so little time to write

Aside from the news that I will soon be an aunt, last night my husband and I got another happy announcement - Save the Date! We're finally getting married! Along the bottom of the card were pictures of the happy couple, ranging from the 1980's to today, and since I'd already heard through the grapevine where and when the ceremony would be, I was free to think, "What took so long?" Not at them, but at the rest of society. What is so horrible in the thought that these two women have loved each other since I was a child? Their hearts have been married for a long time, but still people resist the possibility that those of us who know and love them just might want to recognize that love and commitment as a community. You know, like they did when they attended our wedding nearly 9 years ago.

On another topic completely, Tuesday was the most energized primary election I've ever seen. My little "I voted, Yo vote" sticker normally gets no notice for the primary. Not this year. I decided to treat myself to a little bit of lunch and walked into my favorite Persian takeout, where a spirited political conversation was going on behind the counter. When I walked out with my eggplant, rice, cheese, and wood fired bread, it was still going strong. Banjo lessons even began with a note that my instructor's wife is an election judge this year, so she might call.

And what a lesson it was! The pace of my banjo progress feels to me like it's picked up, even as I'm learning more challenging material. Whew! "Fair and Tender Ladies" is now fairly under my belt, and since I'd sort of "gotten it" mid-week, I flipped through my copy of Pete Seeger's guide to the 5-string banjo and found "Lady Gay", which has proven challenging. Even my instructor was having a couple timing issues with this song. But I also feel like I'm beginning to get a little bit of complexity in my music. Wa-hoo! And as sort of a treat, I'm listening to the new banjo treat from over at Quiet Paths. (Okay, it was posted last month. I told you, I've been busy out of my mind...)

My sister's pregnancy seems to be going well, and I've managed to finish a lace blanket for my niece to be. And while I'm really wishing for some peace and quiet, my parents and I have begun planning for our quiet weekend this year - possibly in Harper's Ferry, where there is kayaking *and* historical wandering about to be had...


Blogger Little Black Car said...

Mmmm . . . Persian food. Yum.

Hooray for great family news!

2/15/2008 6:52 AM  
Blogger Plain Foolish said...

Indeed. I am seriously fond of kashk-o-bademjan. I just wish I could get mine to turn out as well as they get theirs to - but I must be getting the wrong sort of eggplant, or something. Because I also can't get fatteh bel bathenjan to turn out like my favorite Lebanese place. *sigh* Where do they find those slightly sweet eggplants?

2/15/2008 9:27 AM  
Blogger Little Black Car said...

Ask them next time you're in. Maybe there's an ethnic grocery somewhere you don't know about.

Now I'm hungry. I've got leftovers for lunch: Rice, baked chicken, and spaghetti sauce. It's not as bad as it sounds, but it's definitely not Persian eggplant. Sigh.

I should suggest we go to the Mediterranean buffet after meeting this weekend. I'm seriously starving for dolmas.

2/15/2008 10:50 AM  
Blogger the laughing gypsy said...

i second the title of this post!

if you go to harper's ferry, consider yourselves invited to the farm! we're about 20 min away...

my hubby and i are escaping to dun carraig tomorrow --will we see you there?

3/28/2008 5:49 AM  

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