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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Simple pleasures today.

Poached egg, toast, and a broiled tomato. Sunshine and a ginger lime soda. Cleaning and taking care of my sandals so they look like new ones. Conversation with my husband over steaming bowls of pho. Folding origami butterflies. A really hot bath. Looking at a field full of wildflowers.

And a not so simple anticipation:

Marzipan flavored hot chocolate the next time there's a big storm. Got it ready and waiting.


Blogger Lorcan said...

Marzipan flavored hot chocolate! Ah yes... oh to have had thee as crew when I was sailing! "There's weather in those clouds... Furl the mizzen, tight reef the main, down, jib, but keep the main headsail full for now... Douse the cook fire... All secure below?" "Aye aye, chief... Marzipan flavored hot chocolate ... " Ah that's living!



5/29/2006 9:08 AM  
Blogger Plain Foolish said...

Heh. Only thing I'd have been any good for is cook. That, I can do. I've cooked since I was 12, and have been known to feed people breakfast out of the things they didn't know they had in their kitchen. (A friend had offered me couch space and told me I could make myself breakfast if I could find anything. They woke up to a hot fritatta made from odds and ends.)

But I am a serious landlubber. Can't tell directions without trees. Have given directions that included the phrase "turn where the railroad trestle used to be."

5/29/2006 6:59 PM  
Blogger Plain Foolish said...

Also, if the cookfire is doused, how can I make hot cocoa? I mean, if it's been recently doused, the thing is to use as much of the stored heat to quickly heat the water (well, being a landlubber, I made this batch with milk) as possible - I have used this principle to make hot cocoa over some pretty low heat - (hint: use a skillet, because the greater surface area allows for faster heating.) But after that, we're on cheese and cold bread, with whatever to drink, unless I have an alternate source of heat. With no sun, I can't do a solar cooker, and if we're talking sails, there is no engine for me to steal heat from. (You'd be amazed at what you can cook on if you're determined enough.) If, however, I've been clever, there'll be enough heat in whatever I've made for dinner to heat the water (or almond milk) to just hot enough for cocoa, while cooling dinner down just enough that everyone gets to eat the second they sit down.

5/29/2006 10:17 PM  
Blogger Little Black Car said...

1. Ginger lime soda
2. Pho
3. Marzipan hot chocolate

Mmmmmmmm . . .

I've heard you can cook on your car engine if you're careful (oh, wait--that fossil fuel thing. Never mind), and you can certainly cook on the sidewalk in Houston this time of year.

We've had a couple of days of rain here and there's another storm blowing in as we speak (as I type), but all I have here is stale tea. Dang. Neglected to stock up on the proper provisions, I did.

"uhzlwpzb": these word verifications always look like what I get when I try to play Scrabble.

6/01/2006 10:13 AM  

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