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Saturday, July 15, 2006

The power of words.

For a brief time today, I was granted an unexpected power, one I didn't even know I would be granted. I felt a rush of surprise and awe when I was granted the power to give an incredible gift to someone: forgiveness. I'm not going to get into what was to be forgiven, it's something that goes back many years and the situation has changed incredibly since then. Both the other person and I have changed and gotten to know one another better since that time. I had even sort of begun to stop thinking about it. And today, in a coffee shop, this old hurt was brought up anxiously, to ask something that I never thought (especially then) that I would give. To be honest, I thought I wouldn't be called upon to give it. And yet I realized that I'd already given it - the grudge from that time was gone years ago. I can even smile when I think back on that time, knowing how much we've both changed, knowing that we both learned lessons that we needed to learn from each other. And he just taught me another.


Blogger Lorcan said...

There is no greater joy than peace

7/15/2006 7:52 PM  
Blogger Plain Foolish said...

Yes. I've been thinking about this little moment of peace as the world heats up into expanding violence. I am reminded of the time my brother and I decided that we should hand our hoes over to world leaders, because if we could make peace while tending the beans (which neither of us particularly cared for) then surely they could do the same thing, and we could go and play.

Today, I think sometimes that there aren't enough beans in the world for all the people that need to get out there and start hoeing the rows.

7/17/2006 7:33 AM  

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