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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

And the other thing that happened last night

As you can read, I frequently have something in my hands to keep them busy - weaving, knitting, crochet, braiding, sewing, and now naalbinding, along with origami, cardmaking, pop-ups, and whatever else I happen to learn. When I was regularly doing reenactments, the arts minister of my group would use this by having me learn something so that I would teach everybody else. (I never became arts minister because I really hate paperwork a lot.) A couple weekends ago, I cleaned up my crafting supplies, and pleasantly surprised myself by finding a couple skeins of my favorite wool. And then last weekend, I went to a small town in West Virginia, and bought a few skeins of locally raised and handspun wool.

So last night, when the alarm goes off, what was it I had in my hands? Was it my lovely handspun wools? Or maybe the insanely gorgeous silk that someone brought back for me from a trip? Come on - the heavy linen I got at a discount when the German postal service bought less than the factory anticipated? Nope, not one of those. Instead, I had read something by Thee, Hannah! where she said that working with Red Heart acrylic yarn was like knitting with plastic bags, and then as I was looking at toothbrush rug-making (a form of naalbinding), I came across a reference to cutting plastic bags into strips and using them as yarn. So I'd been working with a few bags obtained from the farmer's market in WV - I'd gotten jam and the lady wanted to pad the jars to make sure that they got back to Maryland intact - making the bottom of a rather sturdy tote. One of my neighbors did inquire as to what I was doing, so I got to spread the word on recycling, even if at the cost of some of my pride, though I have to admit, it's turning out prettier than I expected.


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