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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A brief note

My hands have been engaged in crochet rather than typing this week, folks. Sorry, but this blanket needs to be done by this weekend, and if I type a lot and crochet a lot, my fingers go numb. As of now, there is less than a row to be attached. Whew!

I'm so happy that my mom and I have arranged to meet this weekend, so she can see it before it is sent. (In fact, I may show it to her, put it in the box, and have her come to the post office with me as we send it off.) Whee! I'm sure that probably some time next week, I'll miss this blanket, but right now, the dominant feeling is relief and a wee bit of triumph. We did it! Also, I think I'm going to ask Mom to bring a digital camera to take a picture of the thing all done, so the final picture can go up on the flickr page as well.


Oh, and I did get a chance last weekend to do some actual storytelling, which always makes me happy. I enjoy writing stories sometimes, but when telling them, well... there are gestures, facial expressions, modulations of the voice that make the whole thing more. I think that this is why I am sometimes reluctant to write things down - I fear that I'm leaving just the bones of the story, without the flesh. And I met someone new while storytelling, which is fun, especially since she hadn't already heard some of my favorite stories to tell and was polite enough to let me run on, telling story after story, which I really enjoy doing.

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Blogger the laughing gypsy said...

As one privileged to listen to your tales on that lazy afternoon... tell on! I have told countless people how your whole body engaged in the story telling, all the way to the tips of your fingers which opened to reveal the surprising henna outburst! THank you for sharing!

2/22/2007 8:51 PM  

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