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Friday, June 01, 2007

Sorry, folks

The toll of the last few months is seriously catching up to me, I think, and I'm finding myself just weary, weary, weary.

Last night, my dad called to let me know he's finally completed this tour, and is once again free to go on vacation, attend a conference, attend to his business, and all the rest of the stuff he hasn't done for months. Unfortunately, he called while I was out, so I got the message from voice mail, and just stood there, thinking that I should be happier, that this was the first time I'd heard him since he'd come back. But mostly I was thinking that I really wanted a shower, but should I do that first or get some sleep first?

I've used all my vacation for the last year, and the one day I have left is already committed for the coming home party. I don't get any more days off until the middle of July, and right now, that seems a very long time away indeed.

Luckily, my weekends are relatively free. I plan to do some sleeping in, visit the local meetinghouse's strawberry festival, and maybe catch a movie tomorrow. And Sunday is a picnic. And maybe I can get a couple hours of unpaid leave...

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Blogger Kate said...

*hugs you tight* *draws you a bath*

6/01/2007 4:29 PM  

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