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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Some stuff that's got me thinking.

Over at Quaker Pagan Reflections, Cat has a series going on her spiritual journey which has been deeply soul-searching and difficult. She tells it with compassion and strength, and does not flinch from revealing the dark parts of that journey, or from her struggles with her own actions. It is not easy reading, but it is, I think, more powerful testimony for that. Nor should I leave you with the impression that it is unremittingly dark. There are moments of joy and light that strongly illuminate the story as well. In reading it, I have been reminded of my own odd journey, trying to follow as I am led, though I do not think I could write in such detail about that journey as Cat has written about hers. It is well worth reading.

A different struggle is being illuminated by Kate over at When I Was a Boy. I knew Kate in person long before I began to share my writing online, and have long treasured her warmth and sheer exuberance. Recently, she has begun to work on discerning the call to service in her life. As part of that discernment, she joined a webring that was intended to deal specifically with women called to ministry, and became an active contributor and participant, while humbly asking for help with her own call. Unfortunately, that help turned to rejection over the issue of Kate's sexual identity, which she has openly stated on her blog.

The difficulties she has encountered sadden me, even as I acknowlege that it is simply a reflection in miniature of the larger discrimination our society inflicts against sexual minorities in general. I have commented before on my frustration that my heterosexual marriage is given preferential treatment over other relationships that may be just as appropriate for the people involved. *sigh*


Blogger Kate said...

*hugs lots*

I've been reading Cat's journey as well, and I find it amazing. I should tell _her_ that, I know, but as someone said in her blog it's such powerful reading it's hard to know what to say...

7/19/2007 2:44 PM  

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