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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"News" that isn't.

This morning on the radio, someone referred to "this year's presidential race." No, no, no. A thousand times No! Not only is the election *next* year, but the coverage so far has been a frightening amalgam of tracking who has raised the most money and who has made the best contacts with "wealthy donors" with the occasional foray into polling Americans on whom they like the best with minimal information available.

I think the reason the media has chosen to concentrate so much attention on *next year's* horserace is that we are in such a bad position right now, and we're looking desperately for a new path. Unfortunately, that turning doesn't come for more than a year, and even after the election, there are months left for further damage. No. That dog won't hunt.

Aside from these considerations, the rule of law has been seriously damaged in this country. We are slowly learning about the shameful spectacle of an attorney general not well known for his protection of civil rights being bullied into approval of something even he hesitated at while lying in a hospital bed. Enough.

Rather than waiting for Our Prince to Come, shouldn't we, the American People, be getting off our butts, turning off the idiot box, and demanding real coverage, real answers about the lies we are fed, and real action?

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