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Sunday, September 21, 2008

My seemingly once a month post

*sigh* Still busy out here on this end - and dealing with some medical issues, the chief of which at the moment are a truly nasty cold and a couple stitches from an accident while making dinner last week. I'm healing up, but am getting tired of being on the sick list.

Luckily, neither had hit when I went out to get my planetarium training - and discovered that I was being trained during a premiere of a sky show that will go from our county planetarium all over America - If anyone out there happens to go to a sky show featuring the New Horizons mission to Pluto, well, I was there before you. And we're getting ready for next month's show, which has nifty interactive stuff going on, some of which was my idea. Happy dance!

And someone let me know if I'm crazy or anything, but when con men cheat decent working folks, why in the world are we telling the working folks it's their own fault and they should have known better while bailing out the con men? I'm beginning to think that all of Congress and this current Administration should be prescribed several listenings to "The Streets of Laredo" until they actually listen to the lyrics. (For anyone unfamiliar with it, the song is about a cowboy who gets into bad company, drinking and gambling, until it becomes literally the death of him.) Has anyone but me noticed it's only in the new country songs that the gambler is the good guy? In the traditional songs, he's the one who leads you astray and you die wishing you could make it up to your gray-haired mother who never wanted you to get in that mess. (Okay, there is Stagolee, and Jesse James, but you just know they're going to get it in the end.)

So now, we have people in fancy suits who gamble not over cards or dice, but over the lives of people who actually work for a living, and when the economy goes to hell because of it, who gets bailed out? The gamblers. FDR, oh how we need you now.


Blogger Quiet Paths said...

Glad to hear from you; I hope all is well now. Once a month is fine - better than not at all!

9/23/2008 2:06 PM  

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