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Monday, September 25, 2006

Swimsuit update

Oh, how I love the occasional dose of humor that life delivers. This weekend, it decided to deliver it via the sun-protective swimsuit project. My plan, as posted here last week, was to do something "space age" looking, and I still hope to do something like that, but in the meantime...

Plain fabric turned out not to be available in the "summer's over and it didn't sell" bin, but shiny stuff was, so instead of shiny stuff being the accents, the suits will be all over shiny. And in the extra-cheap bin, they had a little bit of swimsuit fabric printed with vintage Hawaiian postcards, which is going to make an "indoor" swimsuit (and basic underlayer for the all-over suits); along with a lot of fabric in a sort of "harlequin" pattern. So I bought it. I now have a harlequin suit suitable for diving in the tropics. All it would need out of the water would be a white ruffle, gloves, and ballet shoes.

And I'm one of those folks who puts clown white on her nose, so I am amused that this fool will truly be dressed as one while on vacation.


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