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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More self-absorbtion

It's very frustrating when every reference but one to children of deployed service members refers to minors. I have my dad's sense of humor and his eyes. I have his mother's feet. And I don't want a teddy bear, thank you. Nor do I need a babysitter.

I do need a sense that someone is listening, but I'm just not getting that either from the military or from most of the "family support" organizations out there. It's easier to come across references to taking care of a service member's pets than it is to meet the needs of adult children. The one reference I've seen in some pretty concerted searches to us adult children is an article on forgiveness that's obviously intended for the servicemember, as it's not accessible without a password.

There is a little out there for parents of deployed servicemembers, and there is even a little out there for girlfriends/boyfriends of servicemembers. (Though, of course, due to religiously motivated stupidity, nothing but secrecy and aching worry if that person happens to be the wrong gender.) And what support there is is a good thing, but many of the Guard and Reserves are older and not all of us who love a servicemember support the war.


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