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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Heard my dad for the first time in months this weekend. He's enthusiastic about the blanket, which should arrive in the next week or two. And he's even more enthusiastic about the second blanket I've promised to make - one to go to a wounded soldier. (And yes, got a picture of the blanket, so it should be going up soon.)

Spent the weekend with Mom, up in Lancaster County, PA, where we picked up some seriously good food - chocolate, pretzels, chips, rootbeer (You know, she never *used* to let us have this stuff.) and some stuff that even had nutritional content, like cheese, dried apples, cherry cider, and fresh bread. Mmmm.

And I got a fair way into the small project I picked up after the blanket - a pair of socks in various shades of blue that I'm crocheting. (Yeah, I *could* knit them, but I could find my small hook much more easily than my double points. Besides, my husband complains if I leave double points sitting around and it's easier to keep track of one hook than 5 needles.) with purple and yellow heels. (Remember - walk softly, but make loud socks.) It's toe-up with an afterthought heel, for those interested in such details. I have wierd to fit feet, so I vastly prefer to work toe-up so I can try on my work as I go. Also, it gives me more time to think about what stitch I want to do the legs in. If I were working in plain colors, I think I'd have a try at tapestry crochet, since there's a really cute horse pattern for a purse that I saw somewhere and am sure I could find, if I just looked...

In any case, socks are a lovely, refreshing project - small, with just the right kind of detail. Light. Completely unrelated to the current violence that my dad is caught in. (These will be mine, thank you. I can't imagine making socks for someone I didn't know, simply because feet are so individual.) And they go quickly. In fact, I'd better decide on a leg stitch quickly, since I'm nearly finished with the ankle. After them, then the Other Blanket awaits.

I'm thinking of trying a design that I've kind of had in my head - essentially, drawing in crochet - a nice, peaceful scene, either the hills, or the seashore (seashore would be a little bit easier, and I may start with it.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I grin at your description of making socks. I don't knit or crochet or any of that but it seems logical to start at the toe. I have a suggestion; why don't you name your quilts? Then, The Other Blanket wouldn't just be the Other. I'm anxious to see a pic of the one on its way to your Dad.

2/28/2007 2:41 PM  
Blogger Plain Foolish said...

So am I, actually. Mom hasn't sent it to me yet.

Actually, most sock patterns published for American crafters were for a long time cuff down patterns. And some people really prefer that, but it drives me nuts. For crochet, especially - I want to put the firmest part (the foundation chain) where I don't really need any stretch at all, and then do my slinky lace stitches up the leg where they'll provide the stretch to keep the socks up.

Naming the blankets would be good if I knew what I was doing... Seriously, it looks like the second blanket has morphed into the second and third blankets since I want to do one style and have agreed to do another...

I think my husband is going to start looking for me by digging into the yarn stash...

3/01/2007 7:34 AM  
Blogger the laughing gypsy said...

Are you soliciting donations for the Second Blanket? I have a piece knitted to spec from rainbow (dark and manly rainbow ;-) yarn that i was going to give to the charity you mentioned, but would also be happy to see it go to Iraq....

3/01/2007 9:04 AM  
Blogger Plain Foolish said...

Oooh. Now you have me curious. Dark and Manly Rainbow. Who could possibly resist the curiosity that phrase engenders? Will you be at the arts and sciences event this weekend? I will be, though if my phone goes off, I'll be headed outside, since I have no idea when my dad will call, but he's likely to call this weekend.

Just so you're aware, though, the second blanket will likely not see Iraq. The blankets that they're asking for for the wounded are from washable (ie - no animal fiber) yarns, so any wool squares will probably be headed for Afghans for Afghans since they want warmth and there aren't a lot of washing machines in rural Afghanistan anyway. Any artificial fibers or superwash will be headed most likely for Germany, where a lot of the wounded are sent on their way back to the U.S.

3/01/2007 9:20 AM  
Blogger the laughing gypsy said...

No A&S for me this weekend :-( gotta work. Have fun!

3/02/2007 5:17 PM  

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