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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Comfort food

Mmmm. With the rough day that has been going on, I decided I wanted vegetarian comfort food, but I couldn't decide what - hot dish? Welsh rarebit? Indian stews sounded good. Wait.

Stew. Yeah, soup. With potatoes, and onions, and garlic, and carrot, maybe some leeks if they have any that look good... And some hearty bread, preferably of the sourdough persuasion, from the Great Grains bakery. And more garlic as a dip - boiled then caramelized garlic. And some salad - with vinegar and oil and radishes. (Lentil soup would be good if I had time for it. Maybe this weekend.) Hmm.

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Blogger Little Black Car said...

Catfish for me this weekend.

Well, its an MS-150 fundraiser, but good fried catfish is good fried catfish, on any occasion.

4/12/2007 9:31 AM  
Blogger Plain Foolish said...

Gah. Sorry, but gah. I love hushpuppies, but hate fried catfish. At a fried catfish dinner, I will cheerfully eat only sides, especially if one of my great aunts is making the 3 bean salad. Everybody else seems to put in just a touch too much sugar for my taste, and the commercial kind has taken to putting peppers in.

Pass the peas and dumplings, please.

4/12/2007 11:06 AM  
Blogger Little Black Car said...

I have yet to encounter three bean salad I can eat; sweet dressing on vegetables always seems like a travesty.

I'm with you on the hushpuppies, though.

4/13/2007 2:10 PM  
Blogger Plain Foolish said...

My aunt's is more of a straight vinaigrette. When I make my own, I just use Greek salad dressing for the vinegar and sprinkle feta over top. Seriously yum.

4/13/2007 6:36 PM  

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