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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One Single Impression: Farewell

Snakelike, I slither out of dry skin,
tossing it aside
like old boots,
too small for me.

Ready to face the world anew
scales gone from my eyes
new skin rippling
in the bright sun.

A moment's pause to look:
a soft farewell to old skin
a moment of stillness
before new adventure.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spinning with joy

Spring is a time for renewal. I've watched the buds forming on the cherry trees, even as the black slush by the roadside melts. And I've been patiently working through the winter, trying to balance my application to become a teacher with the responisbilities of my current job (especially since my current workplace lost several employees over the last year - somebody has to do those jobs.)

When I discovered that out of a thousand applicants, only 75 would be placed, I tried to tell myself that there would be other opportunities, even if this one didn't pan out. And I tried not to worry about it. Having met my fellow applicants at the large interview event, I felt confident that whoever got those places would be well qualified and a true asset to the county I live in.

How wonderful, then, to come home to an official offer and an invitation to a meet and greet at the end of the month!