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Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'm coming up for a few seconds for air.

It's tough work, getting certified to be a teacher in a compressed program. I'm halfway through my summer program, and halfway through my practice teaching for the summer. And I have to switch classrooms, and already, I miss the class I'm leaving behind. They've made real strides in the last couple weeks, solidifying their understanding of vowel sounds and how numbers work. They've learned a little bit of how to get along with each other, and that even if the teacher isn't able to come this instant, she will be over.

But I know when I join my new class, they will also settle into my heart and be my students. I don't know yet where I will be teaching this fall. All I know is that I will be sent to a school in the local area that needs me. It's a little bit scary, but I do what I'm constantly reminding the kids to do - take a deep breath, shake out the wigglies, and move on. Whoever my students are, wherever they are, I'm working hard to learn how to help them learn. Tomorrow is my midterm evaluation and while I'm a little bit nervous about it, I'm also hoping to learn how I can improve my teaching to best benefit our students.

This weekend, they're predicting rain and while I'd like the sky to be clear when I meet some of my fellow student teachers to catch a movie and some cheap food, I'd also like the chance to sit and watch the rain go for a little while. There's something truly lovely about rain. I want to listen to the shush, shush, pitter patter, watch the water running down my apartment windows, feel the coolness that comes with the storm finally breaks.

And then I want to head out Monday morning and meet a new class and new school.


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