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Monday, July 31, 2006


I live in the nation's capitol, recently redecorated in the style of fear. There are barriers outside all the public buildings, which means just about everywhere. There are guards who stick acrylic sticks into my purse whenever I go to a museum. I must present my ID to a guard to get to my credit union in a government office building. I have grown accustomed to seeing all the stuff to guard me against the terrorists of this world. I have recognized how stupid most of it is, how helpless to actually do anything, and yet I am not afraid.

Tonight, all the young folks must be at home or with their parents by 10:00 p.m. to attempt to stop a youth crimewave that has thus far claimed many lives in the poorest neighborhoods, but shockingly reached out to kill 2 people in an extremely wealthy neighborhood. Driveby shootings in Southeast do not constitute a crimewave, but 1 guy mugged and killed and his girlfriend threatened in Georgetown, and suddenly, Something Must Be Done. I walked at night in my neighborhood tonight to get a snocone to help deal with the heat, and to soothe my headache - there were young people everywhere and I was not afraid.

But this:


this frightens me. Lorcan of Plain in the City posted earlier this year about being warned by police officers not to take their pictures. A friend recently emailed me about someone who had posted that their property was monitored, yet when they took that tape in to police headquarters to complain of police harrassment, they were arrested on charges of illegal surveillance. On their own property, no less. How are we to keep the people who tote guns, have the power to take our lives and liberty away, in check?


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