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Friday, September 29, 2006

Trying to settle down

With so much going on in preparation for the trip to Hawaii, I'm having trouble settling myself down. This weekend, I need to do some sewing and begin prepping the apt. At the same time, my office is going nuts since my job is one that benefits at least 3 different departments.

My knitting and naalbinding bag is back at the apartment, and I really wish I had it here. Reminder to self: before leaving on vacation, pull all the knitting out of the active projects bag. Unfortunately, a friend of mine recently had problems with both her knitting (despite having called ahead, used circular bamboo needles, and all the rest) and her crochet (despite the fact that the website had specifically told knitters to bring a crochet hook, lest they have to bind off knitting projects and turn in their needles. And the airline lost a ball of alpaca yarn as a result of the mess. I hope my sketch pencils and naalbinding won't encounter resistance. Oh, and I'll have a kumihimo disk with, as well. But since that's essentially a foam frisbee, I can't imagine that even the most paranoid government representative will take it away.

Oh well, tonight there will be a bit of a special treat. My husband is going to be collecting his mended shoes tonight, and the cobbler is close to an Italian restaurant that we used to eat at when I worked in that neighborhood. The food is very plain (the absolute best item on the menu is the spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce, although the fried zucchini comes a very close second), the wine choices are table red and table white, soda comes in a can with a water glass, the decor is red and white checked oil cloth with decanters of olive oil and vinegar on each table. It's the kind of place people bring their young kids, even though they don't offer crayons or coloring pages. And it's really inexpensive. And at the end of dinner, we enjoy sharing a cannoli. (With the cutest mini chocolate chips!) And the wierd thing is that it's in the heart of a really posh area - brick sidewalks, little "cafes" with overpriced sandwiches and coffee, fancy offices with fountain courts, exclusive restaurants where a dinner is more than a full day's wages for me. And tucked into a corner, the only decent Italian food for miles.


Blogger Plain Foolish said...

I take it back. The best dish is not, in fact the pasta, though that is as fabulous as ever. It is, in fact, the tomatoes. They have real tomatoes, scarlet, juicy, delicious. Man, I miss having a garden.

9/29/2006 5:21 PM  

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