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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Heard from my dad again

While I'd gotten secondhand word from my dad on Christmas, it was good to get email directly from him yesterday. I told him about the blanket my friends and I are making, and he was really enthusiastic about the idea that a number of people were coming together to make this blanket for him. He compared it to the movie, "The Making of an American Quilt", and just loved the notion. (Contrary to stereotypes, my dad totally loves some "chick flicks" - American Quilt, anything with Molly Ringwald, that kind of thing.)

The whole idea of walking on a noisy street and being the noise (the quote from Rumi that I posted a couple of entries ago) has been hanging around and insinuating itself into my thoughts on peace. While I can write to my elected officials about my desire that we should work towards peace, even if that work involves risk, I can only hope that they will take my words to heart. But peace is more than the current political situation. It's more than an armed truce. Perhaps part of it starts with taking good enough care of my health that I don't snap at my friends when the problem is that I have a migraine.

And this blanket has been an opportunity for peace, for friendship, for sharing, teaching, contemplating, storytelling, praying, hoping, and lots of other good stuff.


Blogger Little Black Car said...

My dad loves chick flicks, too! He's a complete Jane Austen fiend. Fiend. Unwinds by watching Persuasion on weekends. Happily buys Mom DVD sets of BBC Dickens and Hardy adaptations and watching them over and over. It's hilarious.

1/10/2007 6:54 PM  

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