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Thursday, March 01, 2007

I've got the picture of the blanket.

And here it is!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful blanket. I wish you could see his face when he opens up the box! Well done! It's quite large! How long did that take you?

3/01/2007 7:23 PM  
Blogger Plain Foolish said...

About 2 and a half months, with lots of help, of course. I made about 8 of the squares and edged almost all of them (one woman who'd also done a square edged the last few for me so I could get on with doing all that joining.) If I had the blanket sitting in my lap, I could tell you who made each and every one of them, from one of dad's patients who sat down and made 7 squares in 5 days, embroidering one of them, to my old college dormmate who did a lace square, to a friend's great-grandmother who brought a trunk full of handwork with her when she came to America, to a friend's daughter who is just learning to crochet chains and who made the pink bow that I tied onto my mother in law's grey square, to a square I crocheted from handspun, hand dyed thread a close friend of mine made for the project.

And thank you. Actually, the thing I love most about this blanket is that when I talked to him on the phone, his voice actually had some emotion in it when he talked about this blanket and the second blanket he asked me to make. The rest of the time he talked, he just sounded tired and far away, but when he talked about the blanket, he lit up and sounded a little bit like himself.

3/02/2007 5:16 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

Oh, it's gorgeous! I see my squares! Hee. :)

3/10/2007 5:33 PM  

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