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Thursday, May 17, 2007


There is a restlessness that has been tugging at me recently. I want to be outside, to feel a breeze on my face, and listen to the trees, water, and birds. Luckily, on Saturday, I'll be going out on a sailboat with my husband, his father, and the guy who co-owns the boat with my father-in-law. We'll be packing sandwiches, donning jeans, windbreakers, and boat shoes (in my case, wool socks with hiking sandals.) and sailing her from her winter mooring down to the lakeshore docks. I am totally looking forward to this, even if I'm not good enough to take the tiller.

And perhaps next weekend, I'll be able to get out for a bit of camping, walking, and birdwatching. I really feel that some time outside helps me to re-center, and the time has come. In winter and the early part of spring, I am content to hybernate, curled neatly into my little cave, but as the weather gets warmer and the trees get greener, I start needing to get out and see what's going on. The birds have been all over the place, and I want to be out with them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is the green call of the wild you are hearing me lassie.... *grin* I have it bad too. Enjoy yourself on the boat this weekend...the wind and the water will be your guides. fly safely.

5/18/2007 8:23 AM  
Blogger Plain Foolish said...

*laughs* Pretty much, yeah. It's spring, my spirit is saying, what are you still doing in a building? Grab a jacket and a hat and get out here. Last one in the stream is a spud!

As for the plane, well, I wish I could just take a small craft out. I used to fly in Tigers and Cessnas with my dad and I miss that. So instead, I will wait patiently as the airline safety folks make sure I don't have too much toothpaste (I actually now carry tooth powder for travel.) and that there are no weapons stuck up my nose or down my ear canal. And this weekend, my only crafts will be origami and Japanese braiding, because they don't involve any sharp and pointies. (I know knitting needles and crochet hooks are supposed to be okay, and you know that, but some of the security guys haven't worked that out. I'm not willing to risk having my very expensive wood and bone tools confiscated. (And I figure flying is still safer than driving on the Beltway.)

5/18/2007 8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sheesh, I never thought about your knitting needles...dang. That smarts not having those along. Well, I'll await a pic of Grandma's present...

5/18/2007 8:58 AM  

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