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Monday, December 17, 2007

Still overwhelmed

December tends to be hard on me. There's always so much going on that I find it hard to find time to relax, so things tend to drop - admittedly, this year including this blog. I've travelled to my husband's family for Hanukkah, and will be travelling to my family for Christmas. Plus both company holiday parties (both this last weekend) And this evening, a trip to the Japanese embassy for a lecture.

And of course, the homemade candies and other handmade gifts. I'm really looking forward to relaxing tonight, after the lecture, with some music. (Okay, I'm being selfish here. Help support some really good musicians, so that they have more leisure to get out their next CD, which my greedy little ears are hankering for... Christine even assures on her blog that it's not too late...)

I'm really looking forward to the quiet of January.

(Oh, and a quick note for those following my banjo adventures: I did it! I've been playing "Red River Valley" on time and without mistakes! Whee!)


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