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Friday, January 05, 2007

An interesting day

On Wednesday, I got a surprise call at work from my mom. She said not to panic, it wasn't bad. And it wasn't.

Mom came to town to attend the swearing in of a new senator, and wanted to spend some time visiting with me. So I called my friend who hosts the crafting evenings, to tell her where I'd be, and arranged with my office to take the next morning off, and head out a little early in the evening.

So I attended a political dinner with the most flavorless food I've ever attempted to eat. (The salad was good, but the rest of it - well, you couldn't tell what the vegetables were because they all tasted the same.) There was a lot of energy in the room, and I was heartened by some of what was said, and saddened by some other stuff, but overall it went about as well as could be expected. And Mom got to meet the senator and his wife, and say a little bit about rural health care and how the war is affecting military families. And then we got to visit with Mom for a couple hours before it was time to go home and to bed.

Yesterday morning, I headed for Union Station on the Metro and got off the train and up to the street with the Eastern sky still on fire from dawn. The folks who had slept on the sidewalks the night before were already gone, and the streets were filled with taxis and well-groomed folks in neatly belted black trenchcoats and young men in grey suits with red ties, and older women in elegant black wool coats. I felt a little out of place in my plain snood, tunic, and skirt, with my biker jacket (with carefully mended pockets, just a little shabby.) I wondered for a second if I would have any problem getting to the hotel, but it was fine.

Mom and I sat in her room and looked out the window at all the bustle. While that was going on, we crocheted together, and she made a square for the blanket. Watching her, I saw where I get a couple of my crochet habits - I hold the yarn in a similar way, and tend to the same stitch as my "not thinking about it" crocheting. We talked about the aunt who taught her to crochet, and my memories of her cookies. We called my granny and told her about the blanket, so she's going to do a square, and a really cool, elaborate square at that. We watched one of the young men in grey suits go to the Starbucks across the street, then hurry onwards with whatever he was doing. Finally, we went for lunch up to the train station - salad and fries with lemonade - the sort of lunch Mom and I have loved to share for as long as I can remember. Then I headed for the Metro to go back to work, and Mom headed for the swearing in that she was supposed to witness, after which, the bus would take her back home.

It was a good visit.


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