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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Important Words

Last night, at the memorial service of a friend who will be sorely missed, one person, Andrew, found his words just as the service was ending. And he wanted to share them, so he shared them with a few of us who were gathered to hear. Wow. He told of how when he was a boy, Diccon would help him out when he didn't understand words - precocious, for example, and would give him the words. He ended with "Words are important, and now I'll have fewer of them." And I was deeply moved by what he said, moved beyond words to express it.

And today, I was struck by what he had said anew, and realized that while I can never give him everything that our friend who passed gave, I can give what is in me to give. So I called up Andrew and asked him for permission to quote him, but also told him that while I can't give him our friend's words, if he ever wants any of mine, that he can have them.

Because it suddenly became true to me that the way to keep our friend's spirit with us is to act as he would have: to give of ourselves to each other that place in us that Diccon helped to grow, that place that he touched. By the time I'd met him, I was already full of words, but Diccon helped me really appreciate simple silence. He had a way of reaching out and doing what needed to be done, not in a "Will you people look at what I do for you?" kind of way, but just because it needed to be done.

Andrew, I hope you will continue to share the words of your heart, words he shared with you and words you found yourself. They are important.


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