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Friday, March 09, 2007

In the continuing musical adventure...

Well, I've broken my first string. Ouch. Musical strings should come with a warning - it cut the back of my hand when it snapped.

I'm considering replacing the strings with nylon ones anyway. My dad and my sister each have played guitar. Dad's is a folk guitar with steel strings and my sister's is a student Spanish guitar with nylon strings. From what I can tell, nylon strings will be quieter, which will be an advantage as I learn, and easier on my fingers, and stretchier. On the down-side, steel strings could recycle... Meh. I'll talk to the person at the music store this weekend.

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Blogger Little Black Car said...

I told Amber Jean to check out your blog. She's a banjo player of many years' standing.

I didn't even know you could put nylon strings on a banjo. I wonder what they would sound like on a dulcimer . . . Probably not good, but I might have to try it for laughs.

3/09/2007 11:40 AM  
Blogger Plain Foolish said...

Some folks put them on to simulate the sound of gut, apparantly. Pete Seeger mentions it in his book on the banjo, as does The How and Tao of the Banjo. (Actually, Seeger mentions a friend of his who uses fishing line...)

Well, dulcimers were probably originally strung with gut...

3/09/2007 12:30 PM  

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