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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Resurrection and nature

Over at Plain in the City, Lorcan has posted some thoughts about what the story of the resurrection means to him, especially in the light of the recent tomb find that some believe may have been the tomb of the rabbi, Joshua ben Joseph v' Miriam. And over at Quiet Paths, Christine has posted her thoughts about a forest recovering from fire.

And both posts spoke to me. And I've been picking up books again this week, letting myself take a break from the obsessive creation cycle that produced the blanket and has begun on a couple more. One book that I picked up is American Gods by Neil Gaiman. It poses the question of what happened to the old European and African gods when they came to America. One that has made the journey is Easter, and there's a point in the book where she makes with the magic and brings back the hero. So I've been thinking a little on the subject.

Right now, the world outside is cold and dusted with white- not like when the bakery does lemon bars and there's a delicate tracery of confectioner's sugar over the top, either. It's more like when you hand the little kid the sifter and turn your back for just a few seconds. There's a substantial amount everywhere, but it's not exactly even. And yet, under there, the evergreens are still dark green, the dry grass is getting ready to send forth new shoots, the tree sap is rising. In a few weeks, the world will be creating itself anew around me - the cherry trees will begin to bloom and the pale green leaves will appear on the trees. My car will be covered in sticky green tree pollen and I will be sneezing. The ground will be muddy and full of life instead of stiff and cold. There will be flowers and green everywhere. In just a bit, the world will come to life again.

The sun will be back, with longer days, and hotter ones. People will begin to wake up and be less sleepy. There will be music out in the parking lots as I come home, and the smell of food outdoors. There will be squirrels everywhere, and deer with spotted fawns hiding behind them. And the world will arise from her sleep...


Blogger the laughing gypsy said...

I'm so glad you're back! I was getting concerned.... Did you get to the event this weekend? My email is laughinggypsy@gmail.com if you want to take conversation out of your comment boxes!

3/07/2007 9:13 AM  
Blogger Plain Foolish said...

Yes, I'm back. I did get to the event, and have promised to work on promissory notes and writs. Heh. And I claim that I'm backing off from an obsessive creative cycle... Anyway, I'm going to try to finish those over the weekend. (I really need to find my glass pens to do the lettering.)

3/07/2007 9:34 AM  

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