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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

And the next bit...

Well, the insurance is settling out nicely. Tomorrow, a truck comes to carry the car away to be fixed, and I am authorized to get a rental from a major chain that has cars all over the area. Whee. It does mean I will get my banjo lesson after all, this week.

I am, however, feeling more than a wee bit grumpy about SUV drivers, given that first I'm rear-ended by a van on a truck chassis, then as I take public transit, I have the joy of watching an SUV roll through a light, despite there being a couple of pedestrians ready to cross on the Walk signal. Naturally, he was talking on his cell phone.

I'm asking for a small car, but I hope they have one that's brightly colored, since I'm personally convinced that the monster size of these "cars" is convincing the drivers thereof that they don't have to notice little things.

But I don't think it *should* be that way. I think that our cities should be made safer for smaller transportation and for pedestrians. I think that my car (currently on the small side for American transportation) should be one of the larger noncommercial vehicles seen in an urban environment. I think there should be room on our roads for scooters, pedestrians, NEVs, and other smaller, slower solutions. I'm very glad that my car protected me as well as it did, but what protected me even better than my car was the low speed of the impact. Had I been hit at a higher speed, I certainly would have been the worse for it.


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