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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm amazed at how quickly the blanket has been happening. I want to thank all the folks who have been making squares. I'm trying to get them all edged and scanned. Then they're all going together. Wow.

I'm looking forward to next weekend, both with hope (Maybe now the Congress is ready to listen) and with a little bit of fear (What will this administration do when the funding is cut?). Yes, despite being snapped at, I am still planning on going to the march. I'd rather go with friends, but if necessary, I'll go alone.

My worry is about the consequences in the field. This president has shown that he intends at all costs to continue and even escalate this conflict, even as his budget projections insist it will be over before he leaves office. He's also shown that he has few, if any, qualms about underequipping our soldiers and in general taking away their benefits, equipment, and even down time in order to keep sending more. Somehow, I don't think the budget for Halliburton contracts will get leaner, and I worry that my dad will end up paying even more of the price than he already is.

I find myself hoping, praying, begging that George W. Bush will have a change of heart, because if he chooses to fight the will of the people and the will of Congress, he can do a great deal more damage yet. Even in the (unlikely) event of an impeachment, he still has the ability to take out his frustrations on the armed services of this country. And I fear he will. While I don't believe it serves the cause of peace to call George W. Bush names, I also think it is foolhardy to ignore the evidence of his past behavior. And that past behavior makes it hard for me to believe that Mr. Bush will not try to twist even a refusal of funding for this war.

I have done my best to write my truth to my representatives, and will further attempt to communicate it this weekend. I can only hope that that seed of truth will find soil to grow in. And now, I really want a cup of citrus herbal tea.


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