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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


This is what happens when I allow myself not to post, folks: the posts build up, and then you end up with either the miscelleny posts that skip from topic to topic, or else I end up posting multiple posts in a day.

Today, I looked at a report from the folks looking after my retirement account, and there was a little magazine in with it. Now, normally, I find this kind of thing about as insightful as dental floss. Yes, it's something I've got to deal with, but it just doesn't speak much to me. But this one I found interesting. It was encouraging folks to look at smaller housing, to think about what they really *need* in terms of a place to live, rather than the hyped Real Estate Market. Maybe a smaller house that could later be expanded, if you need it. Go slow. Stay close to your actual needs and well within your budget. Consider buying a smaller house than you can afford. It's heartening when a message for simplicity can come from such an unexpected source.

And then I looked over at Don's blog where he's posted about reading someone else's reflections on simplicity. And there's a link to the entry over at Liminal Space, which talks about Quakers and simplicity. There's a lot of good stuff over there. Check it out.

And today's simple pleasure was reading an email from Dad, who said the hat arrived smelling a little like the sauerkraut, but everything's aired out now, and there's someone new there who has a daughter who's a lot like me (same college major, same reason for that major, same sort of job at university, and same sort of job when she first graduated.) So they're going to try to put us in touch. I sent him back a note with a lot of the thoughts that I put together for my Martin Luther King Day post.

Also, I've got a couple of vintage bone crochet hooks to add to my crafting supplies. Though that's not quite so simple.


Blogger ef (Pam) said...

That's very cool. I almost never read anything from my retirement accounts - I have like 4 or 5 of them, from different jobs over the years, oops!

It's funny, I feel like I have so much "excess" in terms of space. I live (by myself) in a two bedroom apartment, about 900 sf. I also have a basement and a garage for storage space. I rent out a 450 sf apartment upstairs. It's a really cute apartment. I would live there myself if I didn't have so many cats and dogs, and, less justifiably, so much "stuff" - furniture, clothes, etc.

I just had a chat with my former landlady, who now works at my local hardware store. three of us rented a 3 bd apt. from her about 15 years ago. She lived in a similar apt. downstairs, and there was a small apt. in the basement (probably somewhat like the one I rent out) apparently she is living in that apt. now and renting the other two out, considering selling, wanting to move out to some land she owns a share in, or at least spend more time there.

It sounds great.

I'm glad to hear that your dad is still safe, and smelling less like sauerkraut :)

And it might be really cool to know another adult child of someone over there, since you've encountered such an intense dearth of resources!


1/16/2007 1:21 PM  
Blogger Plain Foolish said...

My husband and I live in an 800 sf apartment, and we've talked about wanting a house about that size, simply so that we have more interaction with the outdoors. I have spent the last few days mooning over a seed catalogue, trying to decide what will grown on our balcony which is medium shaded. I'm seriously considering attempting a dwarf blueberry bush out there, though if they had self-pollinating dwarf currant bushes, you just know that's what I'd put out there. Besides, currants do better in shade than blueberries. Though if I do that, I'm going to buy some netting and make a frame so that the birds don't get all my blueberries. I'm willing to share, but I live on the top floor, so my balcony is a favorite perch when it gets too hot to be elsewhere.

Yeah, I kinda think that that would be a good idea, which is why I said "heck, yeah" to Dad before telling him I was writing up the story of him at the Lincoln Memorial.

1/16/2007 2:07 PM  

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