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Friday, March 21, 2008

5 years. Nearly 4,000 American lives, and many times that many Iraqi lives. And none of that counts in the cost in wounded bodies and wounded souls. It doesn't count in the hidden costs that will be revealed later. It doesn't count the ripple effects of those wounded bodies and souls.

A friend of my dad's is coming home. His boots are already on American soil, and his wife is looking forward. His children, when they learn that he's coming back, will be ecstatic. And yet...

Will there be help for him and his family as he tries to make the transition between war zone and peaceful Midwestern town? Will there be adequate support for his children as they get their father back, only to have to share him with his military duties? Will there be support for his wife as she tries to go from single parent to part of a larger family again?


Blogger Don said...

I certainly hope that all veterans are cared for especially those of this war. They have the freshest wounds. The public was indifferent about Vietnam in the end. This time it is the government that is indifferent or at least those agencies charged with the care of veterans. These veterans went off to war with the country solidly behind them and more than any other veterans they were asked to bear a horrible unequal sacrifice.

3/22/2008 10:04 PM  

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